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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Let It Rest...Till November

When we decided to do this podcast, I knew right away I wanted to not have to do it every week year in and year out. I built a hiatus into the idea. 10 episodes, hiatus for 6 weeks, and then 10 more episodes. This gives everyone a break and allows us to search out more of our interesting and diverse guests to chat with. We will be back at in the beginning of November with those new episodes.

That also means you can now catch up on any episodes you’ve missed. Here are a few of our favorites:

We’ve got a bit of a gal crush on Chef Kelly Newlon. She and Chef Clarke got to talking about running, food and lots more in Episode #4, “Run to the Table” on Something About Food?

Chef Clarke and Dr. Meenakshi Singh discuss improv, the easiest way to cook idli, the sweetness of Indian desserts and much more here on Episode #8, “From Improv to Idli”, on Something About Food?

Chef Chris and artist Chris Huang find a shared love for Chinatowns, the influence of art in life and sesame balls here in Episode #9, “An Artist’s Palate” on Something About Food?

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