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Monday, January 9, 2012

Veg Fest '12

My favorite thing to do is cook with friends.  One friend and I have often collaborated with one another on Seven Course Extravaganzas.  We’ve done 7 Courses of Lamb (I woke up the next day smelling like an ol’Greek man), 7 Courses of Pasta (resulting in a Pastoma [pasta+coma] the likes of which I hope never to have again) and today, Veg Fest ’12, a seven course vegan recipe development feast.
It may seem like a ton of food, but honestly, the plates were small and at the end we were full but not “sick full”.  Just satiated and happy.

Soba Noodles with Toasted Nori and Chili Garlic Sauce
A simple yet wonderful dish.  Ahhhh, who doesn't love a noodle.

Roasted Peppers for....

Seared Polenta with Roasted Chiles and Achiote Dream Sauce
A perfectly balanced dish.  Crisp outside, creamy inside polenta, slight heat from the chiles and the citrusy, smooth creamy sauce. 

Kidney Bean Sliders with Cole Slaw on Homemade Whole Wheat Buns
This just works.  The slider texture, the crisp cole slaw and the buns had more oomph to them then a white bread bun would.

Wild Rice and Corn Cake on Greens
This is a solid dish.  Being able to veganize a griddle a cake ain't easy, but it came together.

Putting together the roasted vegetable, Swiss chard and tofu skin wrapped....

Cabbage Rolls
This is absolutely a bastardized version, but the sauce is sublime and made it all so very very good.

Phyllo and Caramelized Onion Tartlets with Roasted Garlic and Cashew "Cheese"
Two bites and the sweet onion, phyllo cheesiness were gone.

Avocado Date Pudding with Spicy Walnuts
I can't...I mean how do you?...look it was phenomenal.  We both had our reservations, but were simply blown away by it's simplicity, creaminess, easy sweetness and how the juxtaposition of the spicy nuts was perfect.  Boy howdy it was good.

I am obsessed with all things food. It is such a pleasure to create with someone who understands and shares that passion. Plus he has every gadget, which makes playing with your food even more fun.
Thank you JK.

Xmas Cookies

Karen and I decided to combine our Xmas Cookie baking efforts.  Recipes were chosen for their uniqueness and their ease.  Neither of us considers ourselves a baker, and there was lots of cursing to reinforce this.  We were baking for around 5 hours and here are some of the fabulous results. 
Raspberry Nut Bars

7 Layer Bars (with sweetened condensed milk)

Jam Ribbons

Almond Biscotti

White Chocolate and Coconut Snowflakes