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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Oh Vancouver!

Vancouver is a dream city for me. It's got international flare, but still feels uber friendly.

 I was pushing my friend KellyfromPortland (KfP) to go there while I'm spending time in PDX with her. Her sister wanted in and suggested we attend a FIFA Women's World Cup game as well...Hell Yes!

My two requests were that we go for Dim Sum/Ramen while we were there, and no one objected to eating good food.
Got to spend a little time in Chinatown, which always makes me happy.

There were four us for dim sum, so I ordered meaty things for the omnivores, like Steamed Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf.

Gotta love a pot of hot tea.

This is Gai Lan (Chinese Broccoli) with Tofu Skin and Goji Berries. A whole bunch of that went into my gob!
Beef and Noodles for the gang.
Custard tartlets, still warm.
Congee or jook, veggie version with so many mushrooms and corn. I am a little in love with this.
 Did I mention that I have a habit of eating with such abandon that I often hit myself with food shrapnel? No? Well, photo evidence proves it!
 We attended the Canada vs England game, which, sadly, Canada lost. Cue sad trombone...
Next day was spent wandering around Granville Island looking at the amazing produce. Best raspberries ever! (Just don't some of eat them before they weigh them...ooops!)
I also scored a Nanaimo Bar, which if you don't know, is the best and favorite cookie in Canada!
We rented bikes to ride around the Stanley Park peninsula. Kara was game for the tandem we rode on, so much stinkin' fun!
KfP tried to eat all the Poutine herself, but I thwarted her!
And then came the Ramen at Kintaro on Denman...swoon...
Before we headed out the next day I also scored a Tim Horton's Chocolate Glazed Donut...because CANADA RULES!!!

In PDX for the next two weeks, then on south to California!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Around the Bend

Hello again Bend! I've spent a little time with friends here before. Their hospitality speaks to the sweetness of this place.

Finding fresh smoothies at Mother's after a trail run.

Digging into some amazing vegan cheeze on the patio while drinking sparkling water out of a Garfield cup.

Mr. H and his mum took me to Elk Lake and Sunset Beach for some sunning and sanding...H2O to chilly for swimming.

Shevlin Park had some sweet trails for me to run around on.

Lunch at a food truck, Global Fusion.

Breakfast for dinner, because of course!

And getting to know Mr. H better. He's got pretty great parents too.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Oh Boise!

Rolled in on a Saturday and I head out tomorrow, 8 days later. Lot's of fun to be had here!

There is a strong Basque influence in the area.

Running on trails in The Boise National Forest.

Listening to Cake while riding in a convertible BMW to get to...

...white water rafting on the Payette River with friends, new and old.

I whipped up some Kim chi pancakes and seared bok choy for dinner one night.

Good golly, I do love those tots! From Big Jud's.

Clyde and Lucy were my roommates and walk buddies.

Swiss chard, potato and bean tacos with chili lime cucumbers for dinner another night.

I found this cheese filled, phyllo shred topped dessert at Al-Sham Arabic Market. It was mildly sweet, fragrant, chewy and lovely.

Watermelon Salad with Arugula, Pumpkin Seeds and Smoked Tempeh at 10 Barrel Brewing. Damm good!

Goody's Toasted Almond and Chocolate.

Big City Coffee had lots of baked goods but I went for the Peanut Butter No-Bakes!

Dog walks were a delight.

Clyde tucks himself in.

Eats from the Boise International Festival.
Japanese Octopus Sambusa

African Veg Sambusa-filled with curried potatoes, cabbage and onions.

Boise Pride was going on as well!

Most Wat-Ethiopian Red Lentils and Injira Bread

Thank you Bruce, Dina, Clyde, Lucy and Boise! On to Bend tomorrow!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dutch John, UT!

The Flaming Gorge Recreation Area and the Green River were some of the best camping I've ever done. Maybe it is because I am heading out now on my trip, and I'm riding high on the "here I go!" fumes. Or maybe it's because it's just beautiful there!

My buddy Joe headed there some days earlier to do some recon, which is now my favorite way to camp. Send him on ahead to find the places to be, and then I swoop in and he drives me around.
Dutch John, UT was our base camp and he found a sweet spot on BML land for us to camp.
First night we headed down near the dam so he could throw out some casts and see what's what.

It rained as we were setting up the tent, but later, as the sun set, the dew on the grass glowed.

Next morning I made my usual oatmeal but now it's camp oatmeal!

We headed out further from the dam and I set off on the trail to run, while Joe made his way along the bank to fish.

The trail wound along the bank, touching on some camping sites here and there til it ended by a butte jutting out over the water. So...I climbed up to sit, snack and selfie.

That afternoon we headed to the lake. I was too beat to hike, so I perched under some shade to read a book. 

Joe was sure he wouldn't catch a thing...he was wrong!

That night, we watched the sun set, and the clouds displayed their colors for us. It was incredible.

I'm in Boise now, with a week of more adventures ahead! Thank you Utah and Joe for the perfect beginning.