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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Run To the Table

I’ve got a bit of a gal crush on Chef Kelly Newlon. She has a thriving business (Real Athlete Diets Boulder) that she and her husband started up on their own terms, she’s an ultra runner and she loves Great Chef’s of the World, as I do. What is not to love?

We got to talking about running, food and lots more here in Episode 004, “Running to the Table”, on Something About Food?

Kelly Newlon is co-founder/chef at Real Athlete Diets Boulder, CO, a runner and a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America/Hyde Park. She has been cooking in professional kitchens as a line cook and/or pastry chef since the age of fifteen.  Although kale is her most consistent medium these days,  she has over a decade of work focusing on chocolate and has been fortunate enough to have made two birthday cakes for Julia Child. Found out more about RAD and Chef Kelly here.

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