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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sum It Up Sunday-Burn or Ignite

It's hot, like hellaciously hot. It was 100 F yesterday here in Boulder. It's too damn hot. The climate is telling us something.

The political climate has risen to unbearable temperatures as well. Again, we are being told something.

This blog and podcast are meant to be a positive, welcoming place where all of us can find our connections through food. I hope you find them to be so, even when the world around us feels as if it is literally burning to the ground. Igniting relationships through what we eat is a tasty way to discover what binds us to humanity.

Share with me, if you will, the latest thing you had to eat that made you smile and feel connected to family, friends, or even just those who were around you at that moment. It doesn't matter how simple or complex it was, I want to know.

For me, it was this tiny plate of Italian cookies. What I had set out for, as I wandered through Chinatown in San Francisco, was some pastries in the most highly rated bakery in the city. There was a line- no problem. Then I found out the line was only for preorders. So I wandered some more and found this place, Stella Pastry not far from City Lights Bookstore.

Two day's later I heard that the matriarch of the family of the first restaurant I worked at had passed away. She and my late mother probably did and would have loved to share this little plate of deliciousness. As a matter of fact, the pine nut encrusted beauty was one of my mom's favorites.

These bits of pastry reminded me of a sweeter time when those two strong women would have cackled over this plate as they commiserated about how weird and wonderful their families were and are.

Connect with me, fill me in on what filled you up.

If you send pics I'll add it and your notes to the blog here, so others can share and connect.