Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Bread and Family Circus

I still dream about the rustic bread that Heather Covington bakes in my hometown of Gilbertsville, NY. Baking at her level of quality takes serious dedication, especially when you have five kids (three of whom are triplets). Oh, and she makes candies as well. And she has chickens.

I am pretty sure she’s a little insane, and that’s what makes it all work. We got to chatting to find out the why’s and where’s of what drew her to this path in “Bread and Family Circus”,  Episode 11 of Something About Food?

Heather Covington is a wife, mother of five, and lifelong food lover.  She owns Heather's Artisan Breads and Craft Candy in Gilbertsville, NY, and happily supplies the central New York region with her delicious creations. Visit her Facebook page here. Follow her on Instagram under the handle @heathermelitacovington.

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Bonus Throwback Pic:  You'll have to listen to this episode for the explanation!