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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Big Naturals and Beyond

My Executive Producer Curtis Endicott thought interviewing me would give you the listeners insight into the why’s and wherefores of our Something About Food? Podcast.

So here I am, babbling on about me in Episode #10, “Big Naturals and Beyond”.

He even wrote this mock bio, which is about 90% correct:

A notorious raconteur, Chris Clarke has traveled the world on a quest to find the mystical Golden Pain Au Chocolat. She once shot a man in Boulder just to watch him die. Always wears black unless she doesn’t.

Here is my almost real bio:

Born and raised a tiny village in upstate New York, I am a culinary veteran with over 30 years of experience working in restaurants, catering, in the natural foods industry, and as a culinary educator.

Now, I find myself to be a 49-year old, mostly vegan, dedicated devourer, who prefers street food to a typical white linen fine dining experience. I was a winner of  “Denver’s Best Home Chef” contest, appeared as a guest chef on several morning programs and once competed on an obscure Food Network trivia game show, where I came in second and won a year's supply of Jordan Almonds and Junior Mints.

After selling most of what I owned and traveling the world for a year I decided to write a book about what I ate and where I went. And then I started the podcast Something About Food? so that I could carry on that conversation.

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We are on hiatus until the beginning of November, so catch up on episodes you've missed, or listen again.