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Monday, April 17, 2017

Podcasts and Pictures

I've been chugging along on the book. I have made the time each evening, about 4 nights a week, to sit down at the library to write for a few hours. The library was chosen as it's quiet, there are plenty of tables, outlets, and free wifi. I like to work at coffee shops but I always feel, and rightly so, that I have to buy a tea to pay for my time there. Budgetary wise, it isn't the wisest way to spend my shekels.

Now I'm finished with the travel stories and am now working on the recipe development. I've called upon a few friends and family to try out the recipes as we go along. Incredibly grateful for their help. In that vein, I've decided to move forward on a few things to market the book and myself.
I'll be renting a house in Boulder CO for a few months this summer. After selling all my stuff to travel the world I don't have any furnishings, so I rented a vacation residence. It's got a killer kitchen that I'll be using to produce the recipes and take photos of them for the book.
Leftovers will be abundant, and that means I'll have a way to get folks to come by for dinner. Via text message, I'll send out a menu and the first come first served.
It also gives me a place to put up friends and family who will be coming to town this summer. And I love to have people around. I really do, even though I'm solitary most of my time. The people I like, I like. So come on by, people I like!
Podcasting was mentioned to me by She Who Must Not Be Tagged, my friend KB, as a way to market myself and the book. After doing some preliminary research, listening, and crowdsourcing, I've decided to go ahead with it! I'm hiring a consultant to tutor me in the ins and outs, taking improv classes to sharpen my instincts and starting to compile my production team. Stay tuned for episodes, hopefully by the beginning of June? Don't quote me on that.

And lastly, I've been ingredient testing, ie. eating noodles, all the noodles, give them all to me!
More lunches and dinners with friends and getting my runs in.  All good, and here we go dammit!