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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cheers New Zealand!

Here are my thoughts on this lovely place...
There is a real sense of economy and stewardship that I felt wherever I was in NZ. They are very much aware that they are an island, with limited resources and a delicate eco system. For example, each and every plug/socket could have the power turned off when not in use, genius!
The whole country is also well set up for travelers. Every little town or city has an icenter (information booth), public toilets (well maintained, clean and sometimes even works of art, I shit you not!) and a Backpackers (hostel). The bus system was inexpensive (Naked Bus) and efficient.
The climate is temperate, which means really beautiful NZ produce is available all year round. I ate a barrel full of fabulous apples I think!
As I head to Australia today, I took some time yesterday to deep clean my hiking boots and running sneakers. Being mindful as you travel, that invasive species can decimate indigenous species is a good step (literally here) in the conservation direction.
OK, off to Perth!