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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Santa Cruzin'

Santa Cruz has everything. Gorgeous weather, wonderful beaches and a laid back additude.
More importantly it is home to my lifelong friend (seriously, I've known him since I was born) John. It says something about a friendship when he remembers when I broke my arm at age 7 and I remember his mother and John stopping by to see the new baby when my younger sister was born, 44ish years ago.
He and his two ridiculously sweet (that sweetness was not due to all the honey sticks they imbibed, but is inherited) girls were gracious hosts, tour guides, dining companions, running race recruiters and Monopoly marathon combatants!
There were tidal pools to explore...

food that was sometimes my creation...
or we found the fresh seafood restaurants to our liking.
Keeping doing you Santa Cruz.
I'm on to Venice Beach until Friday, then fly out of LAX to New Zealand!