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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sum It Up Sunday-2017

Well 2017, you have been one surprising year.

In January I marched in Washington with family and friends:

In the following months I also marched in Denver for our Muslim friends, Planned Parenthood and Science:

Finished writing my book about my Around the World Trip, and took lot's of recipe pics for it.

So many pictures...coming soon...

Started a podcast with a good buddy. And we've got over 17 episodes and 2000 downloads!

Visited with and was visited by friends and family:

Got some runs in:

And ate a whole ton of food.

And I can now say something I never ever thought I would say. Red Cabbage tastes pretty damn good when juiced. (Mixed with other fruits and veg, of course, I mean I haven't gone off into the total hippy deep end....yet...).

I absolutely moved forward in 2017. And as always, I'll keep working on my motto, Be Better.