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Friday, July 17, 2015

Oregon to California!

People you need to know about this coastline! Beaches, many of them with only a few souls exploring them. Vistas, views and sea air. Amazing! I ran along a few that are a part of the Pacific Coast Trail.
Sometimes I would get a run in further in from the shore, like I did on Mt. Humbug. Lush, green, steep and with no real view, hence it's name methinks.
I was able to score a kale salad and fresh carrot-apple-ginger juice at Mothers Natural Grocery in Bandon OR, the land of the fried seafood shack. The sweet proprietor was keen to supply me with vegan organic food.

This is a sculpture in Bandon, made of garbage washed up on the beaches. Makes you think doesn't it...
When I arrived at my cousin's in Vallejo CA, her hubby was fixing a mushroom risotto and green salad...I had thirds...
I also got to spend quality time with these three wild things!
Then I was off to Cotati to catch up with dear friends at their place. I munched on tomatoes warm from the garden...
Admired their many fruit trees, including pomegranate!
Saw this pretty thing on a run around Cotati the next morning.
I'm in San Francisco now.                                 
Wandering here and there for another week.
Also getting to eat out with my brother Aaron, always a quality dining companion!