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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rosalee's Pizzeria-A Review!

Rejoice NYC Pizza lovers! Rosalee's has come to save us from sad imitations and over done CO crust. (Seriously, why is that even a thing? Honey drizzled on my crust? WTF people!??) In the interest of full disclosure, I worked for many years with James the owner/chef, but he and I are close enough friends that if I had a beef with his food I'd tell him. This review is beef free. It was amazing!

Would you look at that fold? That shit is legit! And the drizzle of cheese is ridiculous. (See note)

Their pies are huge, this is an 18" cheese here, and yeah I ate 4 slices. No regrets people, no regrets!

You can buy it by the slice, but I say find a friend and share like I did. (Thanks Senor Gerald!)

Their atmosphere is laid back, good selection of beers on tap, in a bottle or can. They have garlic knots that will put your garlic intake into overdrive, in a super good way. The menu isn't huge, some salads, several different pies, the knots and antipasto for apps, but they stick to what they do and do it well. And the patio...oh boy, it's sweet, on the western side of the building, so come warmer weather I know where I'll be spending some time with friends.

Note: A reminder that I eat vegan MOST of the time. But will occasionally fall off the vegan wagon so that I can try things that catch my fancy, or need to be eaten, like this here pizza pie.